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A Purple Orchid


3 parts Shepherd's Purse herb
3 parts Plantain leaves
3 parts Marigold flowers
1 part Fennel seed
Infusion: 3 cups per day

2 parts Witch Hazel leaves
2 parts Marigold flowers
2 parts Plantain leaves
2 parts Dandelion root
1 part Liquorice root
2 parts Marshmallow root
Infusion: 3 cups per day

Blackberry root bark
Decoction: 3 cups per day

For excessive haemorrhoidal bleeding:
2 parts Shepherd's Purse herb
1 part Plantain leaves
1 part Yarrow herb
1 part Marshmallow root
Infusion: 1/2-1 сир every hour for acute conditions, otherwise 3 cups per day

As with many chronic conditions, extended treatment (with suitable breaks) may be required. For external use, Distilled Witch Hazel, combined 50/50 with an infusion of Marigold flowers and/or Plantain leaves, can be applied as a soothing and astringent lotion. Mullein oil is also useful, and an excellent all-purpose ointment may be prepared as follows:
1 part Witch Hazel leaves
1 part Plantain leaves
1 part Marigold flowers
1 part St John's Wort herb
1 part Comfrey root
Ointment or oil: apply locally, renewing several times per day

12 parts Meadowsweet herb
1 part Fennel seed
1 part Anise seed
1 part Cinnamon bark
1 part Lemon Balm leaves
Infusion: 1 cup after every meal

Used for treating heartburn or hyperacid stomach, the above remedy is taken for its long-term effects rather than for immediate relief hence treatment should extend over several weeks.
Alfalfa can also be taken long-term for its beneficial effect on hyperacidity of the stomach:

Alfalfa herb
Infusion: 1 cup after every meal

For more immediate relief:
6 parts Marshmallow root
2 parts Alfalfa herb
1 part Cinnamon bark
1 part Peppermint leaves
Infusion: 1/2 cup every hour, not to exceed 3 cups per day


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