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What sort of clothing should a pregnant woman wear?

The answer is simple. Wear clothing that suits you, your personality and the way you feel at any given time. Wear the type of fashions that enhance your looks and suit your personality.

In this way, you will look more natural, and more attractive. If the mirror smiles back at you, this can do much to improve your own psychological outlook—such an important factor during pregnancy. In turn, this is certain to evoke words of admiration from your spouse, and probably from other members of the family as well.

As far as foundation garments are concerned, this too depends on how you feel. Most women will feel more comfortable wearing a good-fitting brassiere. But in these days when many younger ones have ' 'burnt the bra,'' and strongly follow women's lib and similar movements, some may prefer the apparent freedom that a bra-less torso gives them.

Elasticized abdominal garments may be worn if this imparts a feeling of comfort or mental satisfaction. Many brands of panty-hose have elasticized girdle tops, and these are often just as adequate. But other women prefer not to use these either.

If previous pregnancies have produced very slack abdominal muscles, then some type of support will often prove to be very comfortable. It is mostly a matter of personal comfort and personal taste.

Footwear can be used to suit. As pregnancy advances, the centre of balance tends to alter so that high-heeled shoes become a problem and cease to be comfortable. So, low-heeled shoes are preferable. Care to avoid extremes in footwear is advised, especially as some footwear is fad-wear, and can easily predispose the wearer to tripping, slipping and falling. Common sense should be the rule.


Dental care

It is worth while visiting the dentist early in the pregnancy. It is to your advantage to have abnormalities rectified. Decayed teeth and holes should be attended to. This will assure you of an improvement in general health. But it will also help check the sudden onset of toothache and other dental problems during pregnancy. There are enough matters to contend with during the final stages of pregnancy without a sudden, unexpected toothache. And this is not an uncommon situation.

Dental work is best carried out during the middle three-month segment of the pregnancy. Done in the early months, the use of drugs which may be involved is not recommended, and in any event bacteria may be spread from infected areas. In the latter months, the sheer inconveni­ence of actually sitting in a dental chair can make it a less than comfortable experience.




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